About Us

Helping kids WANT to take a bath & Supporting mothers' mental health.

Our company lives by these goals not only in the products we make but also by providing a place of belonging and employment to women in our community. We provide mothers a place to come that focuses on their overall well-being and gives them a creative outlet. They can pick their hours, bring their children, and even come in PJs! The most important part is that they know they are supported and welcome here to create and make gifts for other women like you.

Meet Our Fabulous Sweet Bath Co. Mammas!

We are two moms (Alexa on the left, Melissa on the right) and we know the struggle of getting our kids to take baths! Between our families, we have 5 (and a half) kids. Before we created Sweet Bath Co, when bath time came around we had to do a lot of bribing to get our kids in the tub. That is, until Melissa’s kitchen bath bomb experiment that made bath time our kids’ favorite time.

This seamingly simple event sparked the idea of making bath bombs not just for our families but for all moms in need of a creative bath time solution. We are obsessed with using fewer, better, and more expensive ingredients that you feel safe using on yourself and your little ones! Plus, the kids love the prizes and fun themes we come out with each month.