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Only the BEST for you and your family!

We are obsessed with using FEWER & BETTER ingredients that you feel safe using on yourself and your little ones! Every product is hand-crafted with love here in Lehi, Utah!


Natural, Gentle Ingredients

We want each of our products to not only make bath time more fun, but also have BENEFITS! Each bath bomb has a high percentage of cocoa and shea butters, making your skin silky soft. Each and every ingredient has a purpose and has been chosen carefully! Our primary surfactant is so gentle, its nickname is baby foam.


Handmade with Love

We have a fun atmosphere of moms here at Sweet Bath! Every product is hand-made carefully, ensuring quality and attention to detail.


Great for your Mind & Body

Our products are the complete package! Raise your spirits with bright fun bath colors, but also feed your skin with moisturizing, beneficial ingredients!

Our Customers Love Us



My Granddaughter loves these bath bombs!!



It was a huge hit, not only his favorite color blue but in the shape of a piece of birthday cake!! He loves bath bombs but when this had a prize and it changed colors in the water…this was a winner.

Elyse F.


Every box is amazing and the kids love knowing a new box is on the way. They were arguing over prizes so one kid picks the other gets the prize then we switch the next bath. 😉

Diany M.


Love the texture and the scent is botanical which is a plus. Feels great on the skin when using. I will definitely repurchase this product or similar from this company.

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