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Brownie Sundae Bubble Scoop

Brownie Sundae Bubble Scoop

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This large Brownie Sundae comes with a bubble bar (the brownie), a large bubble scoop (ice cream), and topped with cocoa butter icing and sprinkles!  Can last 4 baths!

Our hand-scooped solid bubbles are loaded with moisturizing shea and cocoa butters!  The bubbles are beautiful and delicate and will leave your skin feeling silky, smooth and clean.


FRAGRANCE:  Lychee Red Tea

SIZE:  6 oz.



Crumble with your hands and hold it under warm running bath water.

For even more bubbles: Place in an organza bag and hang it from the faucet of running water. Massage with your hands. Another method is chopping it up and put the crumbs in a mesh strainer - hold it under the running water. 

Good for 1-2 baths. When not in use, store in a dry place.


Bubble Bar Ingredients:  Baking soda, SLSA, citric acid, cocoa butter, shea butter, cream of tartar, glycerin, rice bran oil, polysorbate 80, fragrance oil, mica, eco-glitter

Bubble Scoop Ingredients:  Baking soda, SLSA, citric acid, shea butter, cocoa butter, cream of tartar, fragrance oil, glycerin, polysorbate 80, kaolin clay, mica, eco-glitter



Shea Butter - This thick, creamy skin superfood moisturizes and delivers key anti-inflammatory and anti-aging ingredients - right into the skin. It also has a high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins.

Cocoa Butter - Because of its high fat content, cocoa butter has a richer, denser feel than many other moisturizers out there. Along with its sweet scent, cocoa butter has the ability to form a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture


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