We are Alexa and Melissa. It all started last summer...2 moms who found themselves with one major thing in common: we were constantly chasing our kids and falling short on the famous “me time” everyone kept talking about. We brainstormed how to optimize our “me time” and Sweetbathco was born.🍩

We create all bath bombs by hand and in small batches so each one is crafted to its finest potential. The ingredients in all our recipes are chosen and researched very carefully - so gentle that we feel comfortable and proud to use them with our own babies.

There are no fillers in our recipes - every ingredient serves a purpose. For example, cream of tartar is a binding agent, makes the bomb harder and stronger, and helps activate the baking soda. Cocoa butter is a luxurious and moisturizing hard butter, and it’s fat forms a protective barrier over the skin to hold in moisture.💦

We’re having so much fun learning and creating new sweet products. Thanks for joining us on our journey! We’re happy you’re here.💕

"We Create Fun Bath Products From The Highest Quality Ingredients. Our Products Aren’t Just Sweet On The Eyes, Your Body Will Also Love These."