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Bath Bomb Ingredient Info


Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate):  baking soda is the main ingredients that powers a fizzy bath bomb.  It also has many skin benefits.  Baking soda softens the water and leaves skin soothed and clean.  It also helps neutralize toxins, replenishes skin elasticity & improves circulation.


Citric Acid:  When citric acid is added to baking soda, the chemical reaction causes it to fizz and foam.


Sea Salt:  sea salt added to your bath water has so many amazing therapeutic benefits.   Minerals such as magnesium, zinc, potassium and others are nature’s cure for a wide range of skin problems.  Sea salt can even be drawn into the bloodstream to eliminate toxins and balance the entire body.


Cream of Tartar (potassium bitartrate):  cream of tartar is rich in potassium and can help reduce inflammation and joint pain.  It also helps activate the baking soda making your bath bomb fizz even more.


Milk Powder:  milk baths are soothing for dry, itchy skin, and are beneficial for a number of skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis.


SCI (sodium cocoyl isethionate): SCI is nicknamed "Baby Foam" due to its exceptional mildness.  


Unrefined Cocoa Butter: We use natural, unrefined cocoa butter in all of our bath bombs.  Cocoa butter is an amazing moisturizer and packed with antioxidants.  Because of its high fat content, it has a richer, denser feel than many other butters out there. Along with its sweet scent, cocoa butter has the ability to form a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture.


Unrefined Shea Butter:  Extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, shea butter is an all-natural moisturizer that restores the barrier between your skin and the outside environment, holding moisture in and reducing your risk of dryness.



Rice Bran Oil:  rice bran oil is simply the oil extracted from the germ and inner husk of rice.  It has been used for decades in Japan and China as a beauty aid.  We love using this oil because it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins B and E, and is easily absorbed into the skin


Polysorbate 80: Polysorbate 80 is a water-soluble emulsifier and helps oil and color mix into the water rather than pooling on top.  It also prevents oils from clinging to the tub, which is really important because oil on the bottom of the tub can make it slippery.


Fragrance Oil:  We use skin safe fragrance oils at a safe usage rate to add so many fun scents to our products.  It is not a natural ingredient.  Fragrance oils are synthetic and are created with a mix of aroma chemicals and natural ingredients like essential oils, extracts, and resins.


Kaolin Clay:  kaolin clay acts as a hardening agent for bath bombs, but more importantly it removes impurities and soothes the skin.


FD&C Dyes and Lakes: FD&C stands for The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.  All dye batches made for FD&C use have to be tested to meet the minimum purity standards. If a batch passes that test, then it becomes certified and sold as an FD&C grade dye. After it’s certified, the dye has to follow the guidelines created by the FDA.  We make sure to use FDA approved and certified dyes and lakes from trusted suppliers.


Mica:  We mainly use mica to airbrush color onto the top of our bath bombs.  Mica is a fine powder coated with pigments and has a shimmer effect.